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Liaoning Koncepnutra Co.,Ltd. is the leading professional manufacturer of L-Carnitine series products in China. L-Carnitine base and its derivatives; the production capacity is about 1000 tons annually; besides, we have completed a new compound: L-Carnitine calcium fumarate with independent patent in China and other main developed countries.

Presently, our company employs 260 staffs, more than 20% of them are in charge of R&D, technical management and quality control which owned bachelor and master degree.
Our carnitine products are not only mainly selling to North America, Europe and South East Asia; but also our marketing networks of sales and service are over 100 countries and areas. Moreover we have established the warehouse in USA.
Since foundation of our company, we always regarded premium quality products, sincerity and prompt service as our aim to serve clients worldwide.

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